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  • How to effectively reduce the bursting and air leakage of high temperature cooking bags?

    Food high temperature cooking bag bursting, bag breaking and air leakage mainly occur in the heating sterilization and cooling links. In order to prevent the impact of sealing pollution on the quality of heat sealing, the amount of filling is lower than the capacity of the bag. Achieving an absolute vacuum will cause a certain amount of gas to remain in the cooking bag. When the vacuum-treated cooking bag is heated at high temperature, the water in the content of the cooking bag evaporates to form water vapor and the remaining gas in the bag is heated to expand and pressure When it rises sharply, when it exceeds the maximum pressure that the cooking bag can withstand, the weak part of the bag body will rupture first. In the cooling stage, when the cooling water enters the cooking pot, the pressure outside the bag drops suddenly, and the contents of the bag cannot be cooled simultaneously, which results in a difference of several times between the internal and external pressure, which will inevitably cause a bag breaking accident. Therefore, the heating and sterilization and cooling process cooking is monitored and verified The pressure and temperature data inside the bag are particularly important. Under the existing bag making and heat sealing process conditions, by analyzing these data and formulating and optimizing the corresponding operating parameters of the back pressure cooking pot according to different bag contents, the realization It can ensure the sterilization effect and effectively reduce the occurrence of broken bags.

    The latest MT-PRTemp140-F from the United States Mai Czech company is a high temperature cooking bag broken bag leakage pressure temperature verification instrument, passed CE certification, each unit is equipped with a US NIST calibration certificate, accurate measurement, reliable data, domestic and international recognition. The product is resistant to high temperature and pressure, small and waterproof, battery-powered, and works independently. It can be enclosed in a cooking bag with the contents for heating and sterilization and cooling, thereby verifying the changes in pressure and temperature inside the cooking bag during the entire sterilization process. MT-PRTemp140-F sturdy stainless steel housing design makes it able to withstand high temperature environment up to 140 ℃ and work for a long time. The product is wireless, fully submersible (IP68), the collected data is time stamped, and the data can be automatically converted. In Excel format, it is convenient for further statistical analysis. There are multiple standard pressure data units to choose from through the software, which is convenient and practical. This product is widely used in food production enterprises, cooking bag production enterprises, pharmaceutical sterilization and scientific research institutes. .

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