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  • The basic difference between plastic and biodegradable plastic bags

    Usually the most commonly used plastic bags are made of PE, PO materials, and degradable plastic bags that are added to PE or Abao biodegradable masterbatches (such as starch, modified starch or other plant fibers, photosensitizers, biological JiangXieJi, etc. Wait).

    Usually the most basic difference between plastic and biodegradable plastic bags is the different degradation time. It is generally assumed that waste plastic products do not degrade after 100 years, and it is said that complete degradation will take a long time, even thousands of years.

    How to distinguish between degradable bags and ordinary plastic bags? You can judge their characteristics from the following points:

    1. OPP bag

    Ingredients: Bags: It is usually difficult to make raw materials, and the environment is degraded and feels soft, and the belt feels abrasive, but in contrast, it is shiny.

    2. OPP bag: The appearance of the bag can usually be printed with richer colors. The color of the degraded bag body is ivory or with some yellow. Usually it is not allowed to be so clear, and the color selectivity that can be printed is relatively less.

    3 shown. Bila OPP bag: The thickness and tensile force of the degradation bag of the nearby thickness are the same as the plastic bag, usually the short but degradable plastic bag's degradation time, storage and use period, according to demand when ordering, prevent the formation of loot.

    4 shown. OPP bag price: At present, at the same thickness and standard bag, some corn starch market or other types of degradable bags are very expensive, some are even 2 times our price, which is our newly introduced advantage degradable plastic bags Degradation, environmental protection, high quality, and without increasing prices, prices are the same, usually can not be degraded, and can prevent the formation of the food crisis.

    Due to the obvious characteristics of fast-moving consumer goods for daily-use chemical products, OPP bags for packaging have become a development trend. In general, packaging of other daily-use products needs protection, functional and decorative characteristics, because the packaging should be used in the product. The transportation, storage and protection in the process, and good packaging can reflect the characteristics and uses of the product. The most important thing is that the OPP bag plastic bag packaging can make the product different from other competitors and easily attract consumers' attention. In addition to protecting goods, we must work to beautify and publicize, induce consumers to buy, and enhance the competitiveness of goods for sale in the market.

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