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  • Steamed food packaging mainstream products

    Cooking bag is a kind of composite film food packaging bag that can be sterilized at high temperature. According to the sterilization temperature and storage period, cooking bag is divided into two types: ordinary sterilization bag and ultra-high temperature sterilization bag:

    Ordinary sterilization bags are generally heated and sterilized below 120 ° C, and are mostly made of two to three layers of composite materials. The shelf life of food is more than six months. Ultra-high temperature sterilization bags are generally sterilized at 135 ° C. The bag-making materials are more than three layers, with aluminum foil sandwiched between them, and the shelf life is 1-2 years. Some are also produced with four or five layers of composite materials.

    The outer layer of the cooking bag is mostly made of polyester film with a thickness of 10-16 microns for reinforcement and high temperature resistance. The middle layer is an aluminum foil of 11-12 microns, which is mainly used to isolate gas and moisture and shield light. The inner layer is As the direct contact with food and heat sealing in the cooking bag, the requirements of the inner layer materials must meet the packaging hygiene standards and also require chemical stability. Generally, non-toxic polypropylene is used, with a thickness of 70-80 microns. It can also be used. HDPE and other polyolefin films.

    At present, cooking bags are mainly used for packaging canned foods. They are also used for packaging beverages, fruit juices and the like in Japan and Western Europe. With the improvement of people's living standards in our country, the safety requirements for food packaging are becoming higher and higher, and retort food packaging will also usher in a period of rapid development.

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