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  • Background technique

    The retort bag is a kind of composite plastic film bag that can be heated. It has the advantages of both a canned container and a boiling water resistant plastic bag, so it is also called "soft canned food". After more than ten years of use, it is an ideal sales packaging container.

    Chinese Patent No. CN203766170 U discloses a high-temperature transparent cooking bag including a bag body, the bag body includes a transparent area and a printing area, the transparent area is located in the middle of the bag body, and the printing area is located in the In the sealing part, the layered structure of the transparent region includes: an inner layer is a highly transparent cooking film, an outer layer is a highly transparent nylon printing film, and the outer layer and the inner layer are adhered by an adhesive layer.

    The above-mentioned high-temperature transparent cooking bag solves the technical problem that the haze of the cooking bag in the prior art is significantly increased after cooking, so that consumers cannot see the color and shape of the contents. During the process, the cooking bag is easily punctured by foreign objects. After being pierced, the cooking bag loses the function of keeping items fresh, and the film layers of the above-mentioned cooking bag have a long period of time. Detachment easily occurs during use, and the structure between the film layers is not stable enough. After some film layers fall off, the puncture resistance of the high-temperature cooking bag will be greatly reduced. Therefore, there is an urgent need on the market for a structure with stable and good puncture resistance. High temperature cooking bag.

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